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What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Published by Michael Burdsall on January 28, 2023

When setting up and optimizing marketing campaigns, it is crucial to ensure that each step of the user journey is as smooth as possible when moving from one step to the next. The smoother the journey is for a prospect, the more likely they will be to reach the end goal you would like them to reach. Commonly, the last step in a digital marketing campaign is contacting the business through a phone call or a form fill.

Conversion rate optimization is the process of restructuring campaign assets to ensure the highest rate of user contact or engagement with an end goal.

Conversion rate optimization is a crucial part of any digital marketing campaign, because it can be an easy way to enable additional budget spend when implemented. When done correctly, conversion rate optimization will decrease the cost per conversion within a given campaign. As this cost per conversion decreases, additional leads can be received within the current level of marketing spend.

While a search engine optimization campaign should certainly employ a conversion rate, Google Ads campaigns are frequently scrutinized through the lense of conversion rate optimization. Ensuring the easiest path to conversion while managing Google Ads campaigns ensures the least amount of wasted ad spend as possible. The lower the wasted ad spend on a per conversion basis, the more marketing spend the business will be able to devote to that particular Google Ads campaign. 

For marketers, ignoring conversion rate optimization can have you in a position of weakness compared with other marketers against who you are competing. A website can have the best content and best product, but if the users are unable to easily complete the path to conversion; the business could be left with results which are less than desired.

For business stakeholders, ignoring conversion rate optimization only stymies possible growth of the business. By optimizing marketing spend from the beginning, achieving scale through paid marketing channels becomes easier. The higher the volume of marketing spend through these optimized channels, the higher the return on investment for business stakeholders.

Conversion rate optimization is the process of restructuring campaign assets to ensure the highest rate of user contact or engagement with an end goal. Whether you are a marketer, or a business stakeholder, ignoring conversion rate optimization for digital channels will put your marketing campaigns at a major disadvantage before they launch. Google Ads, Social Media and Organic optimization campaigns are all beneficiaries of conversion rate optimization, so ensure to partner with a digital marketing agency in Philadelphia which focuses on CRO. Take the time to navigate through the sales funnel of your business and find out first-hand what some of the frustrations users may experience when going through your own sales process. Optimizing and streamlining these bottlenecks can have exponential returns for your business in the long run.

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