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Google Announces Bard Limited Release

Published by Michael Burdsall on March 21, 2023

Google has begun reaching out to individuals who are invited to be a part of their Bard experiment limited release. Google’s Bard is a direct competitor with Chat-GPT which has recently been winning headlines for the advancements which it has been able to accomplish in artificial intelligence technology. Google has now been in catch-up mode to close the gap on AI.

The invitations are being sent out via email which allow for users to join the waitlist to have access to Bard. Some of the items which Bard has claimed it can assist with are outlining blog posts, drafting lists and answering questions conversationally. 

Google’s Bard is a direct competitor with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and is not yet fully available. However, Google has made more widely available AI integrations which provide assistance in Google products such as Google Docs. This roll out is very similar to Bing’s integration with Chat-GPT to allow for information from search results to be displayed conversationally.

Artificial intelligence has been the hot technology to start the year 2023, so it should come as no surprise Google has finally released Bard, even if in a limited release. Any longer of a wait for Google could result in Bard having a much lower adoption rate due to the massive headline being received by Chat-GPT. As a Google Partner, Results Guaranteed will continue to monitor Google’s Bard product and any features which may be advantageous to marketers.

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