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Google Rolls Out March 2023 Core Algorithm Update

Published by Michael Burdsall on March 28, 2023

Google completed the roll out of their March 2023 core algorithm update which had begun rolling out on March 15th. Google announced the completion of their core update directly in its status dashboard. In total the core update took exactly 13 days and 7 hours to complete the roll out. Google updates its algorithm constantly. Google is always trying to improve search, while addressing methods with which people are gaming the system to appear higher in search results.

Core algorithm updates are released numerous times each year by Google. This update is particularly newsworthy because of the impact it is having on search results. This March 2023 algorithm update has had significantly more impact on search results than previous core updates.

Unlike updates like Penguin and Panda, which were released to specifically address issues which were occurring in search results, a core algorithm update effects the overall process of how Google’s system assesses content. Google has explained this process itself by comparing a list you may make for the best movies of 2020 that was made during the year 2021. If you revisit this list years later, the order of the top movies you had originally may change.

How Does A Core Update Effect My Business?

If your digital marketing strategy is being carried out in a manner aimed at long term sustainable growth, you should not have to worry about core algorithm updates effecting your business. When Results Guaranteed executes a search engine optimization campaign for its clients, the focus is on creating value, relevant and unique content. This directly correlates with Google’s expressed end goal of offering its users the most accurate, relevant and valuable content possible. By creating content which is always inline with Google’s end goal, Results Guaranteed clients can rest easy knowing any changes due to an algorithm update should effect their web presence in a positive way.

If you are a business owner who asks themselves, ‘What’s the difference between hosting and domain?‘, then worrying about core algorithm updates is not something which you should do. Core algorithm updates are done numerous times throughout the year by Google and are standard process. If you are partnering with a digital marketing agency, or have an in-house team, which you are confident in, a core algorithm update by Google should be of no concern to you or your business.

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