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Bing Launches Professional Services Ads Globally

Published by Michael Burdsall on April 4, 2023

Bing announced that they have now made Professional Services Ads available globally. Professional Services Ads began testing by Bing a year ago, and Bing now has made those available to all advertisers. Professional Services Ads allows for professional service providers to provide information to Bing for ads via a feed file. Bing uses the information in this feed file to generate the content of the Professional Services Ads. Bing has tested and made this feature available for the following reasons:

  • Customized ads. Submit and schedule your feed, and based on the attributes you provide, we’ll create relevant, personalized ads.
  • Improved return on ad spend. See more volume, increased click-through rates (CTR), and lower cost per click (CPC) rates.
  • Save time with automation. With no keywords required, the ads are created by feed files that use Microsoft AI automation and are fully equipped for bulk upload.

The benefits listed above are much the same generic advantages which ad platforms lay out for feed style data. In this case, feeds are now available in multiple industries where they otherwise were not available. Advertisers with the manpower and know-how can take advantage of these features to differentiate themselves in the search results.

What The Launch of Professional Services Ads Means

The launch of Professional Services Ads may signal additional features and ad format offered by Bing. Google Local Service Ads have been a massive success for Google. This new ad platform could be a beginning of Bing trying a similar format of Google Local Service Ads.

What is the difference between Bing Professional Services Ads & Google Local Service Ads?

There are two main differences between Bing Professional Service Ads and Google Local Service Ads. Bing Professional Services Ads utilize the same bidding mechanisms as normal search campaigns. Google Local Service Ads format only charges a business when they receive a lead within the location and services which they are targeting. Additionally, Google Local Service Ads require background checks and insurance documents in order for a business to be eligible for the ad format. Bing Professional Service Ads are available for anyone advertising in the industry who is able to create a data feed and follow the Bing Professional Services Ads instructions.

Results Guaranteed is now getting first hand experience with Bing Professional Services Ads with their now global release. We will be sure to report back later in our blog with the results which we have experienced. Business owners should continue to monitor Bing Professional Services Ads to see if they have a similar impact on search results as Google’s LSA ad format did.

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