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Internet Marketing Services

Results Guaranteed offers a wide range of digital marketing services depending upon the needs of each client.

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Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy

When deciding on an internet marketing company, you may be in search of particular internet marketing services to be completed. Whether you are searching for search engine optimization, Google Ads management, social media ad management or any other internet marketing services; turn to Results Guaranteed Marketing to develop your customer and comprehensive internet marketing strategy. Below are just a few of the internet marketing services offered by Results Guaranteed, however; Results Guaranteed does not offer ala carte internet marketing services. In order to provide the best end results to our clients, we develop our comprehensive strategy pulling from each of the services listed below in addition to many others.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an internet marketing service which is now widely known to all business owners. Optimizing for search engines, including Google, is a building block internet marketing service and necessary for any business trying to attract new customers online.

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Google Ads are the most popular type of search engine ad and also provide inventory on YouTube and the Google Display Network. There are nearly limitless targeting options within Google Ads and you can trust the experience of Results Guaranteed to navigate these targeting options and identify the best for your business.

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Bing & Yahoo Ads Management

Just as Google has search engine ads, Bing and Yahoo also have ads. While search volumes are typically much lower than Google, the typical user on these search engines are relatively older and have more disposable income. Bing and Yahoo have agreements in place with Google that you may already be reaching these search engines through Google Ads, however; if a campaign with either of these campaigns is called for; Results Guaranteed will recommend it!

Facebook & Instagram Ads Management

Many business owners are now aware Facebook and Instagram are both owned by Meta. WIth both of these social media platforms being owned by the same company many of the ad targeting options overlap with each other. For some businesses, Instagram and Facebook Ads are the ad types which have the highest spend and generate the highest level of returns. Facebook and Instagram Ad management may be a recommendation made by Results Guaranteed.

Email Marketing Optimization

Email marketing is a major tool as an internet marketing service. It is a perfect medium for moving users through a long sales funnel, or for generating cross-selling opportunities from existing customers. Developing and optimizing an email marketing strategy can ensure you are getting the absolute most out of the opportunities being generated by your other marketing channels.

Pay Per Lead Service Optimization

Many service based businesses are familiar with Pay Per Lead Services like Google Local Services. While business owners may have been frustrated in the past with pay per lead performance, however; with Results Guaranteed’s robust tracking and sales optimization consulting these pay per lead services can be a great way to generate new business extremely quickly.

LinkedIn Ads Optimization

Most commonly used in Business-to-Business applications, Results Guaranteed provides LinkedIn Ads optimization for businesses. LinkedIn is part of the Microsoft Advertising umbrella with Bing Ads and has a wide range of targeting options centered around the vast employment and employer data which LinkedIn gets from its users.

Affiliate Marketing

Using affiliates both online and offline can be a great benefit for your business. Either by developing tracking mechanisms for your existing affiliates, or identifying new affiliate opportunities, Results Guaranteed can help to drive increased revenue from your affiliate channels.

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A Custom, Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Listed above are the main internet marketing services provided by Results Guaranteed. As mentioned at the top, Results Guaranteed does not provide internet marketing services in an ala carte format. Each of the above internet marketing services would be implemented as part of a comprehensive internet marketing strategy designed to increase the revenue of your business. Of course, Results Guaranteed tracking always goes beyond the lead being generated to ensure your business if operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. Contact Results Guaranteed today to discuss which internet marketing services may be part of a larger strategy for your business!

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If you are interested in learning more about how a strategy from Results Guaranteed can benefit you, contact us today!

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