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Google Ads Management Philadelphia

Google Ads Management

Google Ads management is a speciality of Results Guaranteed and can be leverage to drive additional revenue.

Google Ads Campaigns With Real ROI

Many businesses, especially service based businesses, have become reliant upon Google Ads to drive new business at an efficient level. However, many business owners do not understand the return which they are receiving from their Google Ads in terms of actual revenue to the business. If these businesses are currently contracting an agency for Google Ads management, they are likely viewing reports which show results in terms of impressions, clicks and conversions. While tracking conversions (or leads) is great, not all conversions (leads) are created equal. This is why Results Guaranteed finds it so key to view revenue as a metric to ensure the return on investment within Google Ads is actually happening based on the management structure.

The first step to ensuring the best Google Ads performance is implementing holistic tracking once the user lands on the website. We want to know what they typed in to reach the website, what they clicked once they arrived and the page which they called from once they did call. Each one of these variables can provide us with additional insights which only further improves the Google Ads management done by Results Guaranteed. Dependent upon the sales cycle length, we want to implement revenue tracking which feeds back into the Google Ads interface. By utilizing holistic tracking which goes beyond the online touchpoints, we are able to feed in actual business revenue data to Google Ads. Once this revenue is reported into the Google Ads interface it makes optimization straight forward as we can clearly see which portions of the Google Ads account are performing best.

A lower cost per lead is not always better. A $100 lead which converts to a sale at 70% is more valuable than a $33 lead which converts at 20%.

Google Ads Management Experts Philadelphia

Smarter Tracking, Greater Growth

Once a tracking strategy has been implemented, Google Ads management becomes much easier for the team at Results Guaranteed. The management of Google Ads is much like solving an algebra equation. Typically, if we want to increase our leads by X amount, we need to increase our cost-per-lead by X amount, however; when we are able to implement revenue tracking into the picture the equation becomes even easier to solve. We identify the portions of the Google Ads account which is generating the highest return and amplify these results while reducing spend in the lowest performing areas. As Google has gotten more focused on automated bidding strategy the accuracy of the data which we are providing in regards to conversions determines how well our bidding strategy will perform.

Compelling Ad Text

Stand Out in Search Results

Results Guaranteed takes great attention to detail within Google Ads copy. We are constantly checking search results to ensure our clients ads standout against the competition. When they zig, we zag!

How We Do It For Ourselves

SEO Company – Google Ads Results

See the below example of a text ad which we utilize for ourselves here at Results Guaranteed. We noticed that many of the text ads appearing along side ours advertised monthly costs between $200-$300/month for SEO services. In all of our years of experience, we have never seen an SEO company deliver long term results at this type of price level.

We decided we wanted to cut through the noise. Obviously, business owners may be attracted to click on an ad which specifies the monthly cost before clicking. In this case we decided to call out a price in our ad headline, however; we also call out the fact that companies who offer this will not get results! Now, rather than doing exactly what the competition is doing by racing to zero on price, we stand out from the competition by making a direct call to the business owner’s motivation and our competitors’ shortcomings. It’s worked in practice too! Our Interaction Rate (the percentage of users who click on an ad when it is served) is above 20% for the keyword seo company with this ad copy!

Experts On All Google Ads Placements

Google Display Network

When business owners think of Google Ads, many think only of the search ads which appear above organic search results. While these are the main placement utilized by advertisers within Google Ads, it is not the only medium which is available. The Google Display Network is a network of millions of websites and apps online which have ad space available for placement. These ads are targeted by users profile and actions rather than what a user is typing into the search bar. Google Display Network ads can be extremely valuable to businesses by both generating leads directly and providing additional brand awareness to a target audience.

YouTube Video Ads

In addition to the Google Display Network, YouTube video ads are also available placements within Google Ads. YouTube is owned by Google which is why we are able to implement and manage these video ads within the Google Ads interface. Video ads are a great way to achieve visibility through the video medium for a particular audience. Most commonly, YouTube video ads are utilized for brand awareness campaigns focused on getting additional visibility for the company.

Results Guaranteed Google Ads Experts PPC

Large-Agency Value for All Service Businesses

Results Guaranteed provides Google Ads management expertise at a level you would expect to be provided to a Fortune 500 company. As a Google Partner, you can trust that Google itself understands Results Guaranteed uses only the best Google Ads management strategies to deliver more business to our customers. If you are currently utilizing Google Ads and would like a free audit of your existing performance, give a call to Results Guaranteed Marketing. We are happy to take a look and let you know how your performance could be improved to provide greater ROI!

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