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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a process all businesses should undertake. Results Guaranteed can provide results.

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We Take The Frustration & Confusion Out Of SEO

Search engine optimization is a digital marketing service which business owners are familiar and have likely become frustrated with at one point, or another. Whether it be undelivered promises, underwhelming results or lack of communication; it seems that every business owner has had a horror story when it comes to search engine optimization. Results Guaranteed was born out of the frustrations outlined above. The Results Guaranteed Marketing team once worked in-house to deliver results after becoming frustrated with the search engine optimization companies which existed in Philadelphia. After delivering results in-house the team has now pivoted to provide these same outstanding search engine optimization to other business owners in Philadelphia.

What Is SEO All About?

Search engine optimization is the process of structuring content on your website in order to appear within search results to users who may be searching for one of your services. The first key to being successful with a search engine optimization strategy is to complete research prior to developing a strategy. The first thing which businesses should want to know is what are search engines currently finding them relevant for? Uncovering this information allows for you to capitalize on relevant placements already occurring and quickly begin to achieve results.

In addition to determining existing areas of strength, research should uncover areas which should be desired targets for the company. This area becomes just as much a process of art as it does science. Results Guaranteed not only looks at keyword intent, but also the competition and placements which exist in search results for this keyword term. For example, if you are considering targeting a keyword term which Google returns results like Wikipedia and Quora for, we would want to reconsider this target given that Google views this as a more information search. In addition to the search terms context, we also want to account for organic competition. If a business is a 5 employee HVAC company, it may not be wise to attempt to compete with aggregators like Thumbtack, HomeAdvisor and Angi within organic search results.

Local SEO & Google Business Profiles

Local optimization of a Google Business Profile is another major component of search engine optimization. For many service based businesses, the Google Business Profile may be more valuable than organic search listing as users look for a business local to their location in the maps. By tracking both Google Business Profile and Organic traffic separately, Results Guaranteed garners further insights into where revenue is being generated allowing for us to take further actions to generate additional revenue.

Content-Focused SEO Strategies

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Have a clothing boutique you are promoting? Create content which talks about how different articles of clothing offered by your boutique can be repurposed for different styles. In both of these examples, the business is building trust with users who will then later come back to convert with the business. In addition to being optimized and providing value for end users this same content will be structured to appease search engines to ensure the maximum visibility for your business.

Optimizing for users who are ready to call or contact your business is just one portion of the organic strategy which a company should undertake. Additionally, these companies need to position themselves with information content which amplifies who they are as a brand. Are you a plumber who teaches customers how to care for their home? Create content teaching users how to maintain their home so that when they do need someone they have a level of trust which already exists.

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Good Marketing Can Not Beat Bad Business

As with any search engine optimization program in Philadelphia, a good digital marketing agency can not overcome bad business. Search engine optimization is not a magical solution which generates more calls for your business, instead it amplifies your existing messaging to a larger audience. If the business messaging reaches the right audience through search engine optimization the benefits to a business can be exponential in the long run. However, a business must make sure they are providing accurate information and treating customers right to ensure their online visibility continues to grow.

Results Guaranteed does not recommend completing a search engine optimization strategy without also partnering this strategy with other paid mediums. By combining search engine optimization with other internet marketing services, we create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy which reaches the right users at the right time. Contact Results Guaranteed today to discuss your current optimization strategy and how partnering with Results Guaranteed can help to provide a better ROI for your business!

How Much Does Search Engine Optimization Cost?

The answer, like everything in search engine optimization, is that it depends. Asking the cost of search engine optimization in general is like asking how much does a vehicle cost? What type of vehicle do you need, is it a space ship or a sedan to get to work? The cost of search engine optimization varies greatly depending on the location and competition which your business faces. Some business owners pay between $100-$500/month for “search engine optimization service”, in this case businesses are getting what they pay for. There must be a cost balance for business owners to partner with a SEO company where they are receiving the time and attention necessary to run a successful campaign, but also that the cost is at an appropriate level for the amount of business revenue which the marketing generates.

digital marketing content seo strategy philadelphia

SEO Resources

Check out the free resources listed below taken from the Results Guaranteed blog. The articles include information related to search engine optimization and your website. Visit our blog for even more information that those listed below.

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