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Results Guaranteed our process

Our Process

Results Guaranteed Marketing’s process ensures your business generates dollars and not just clicks online.

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A Comprehensive Process

Results Guaranteed provides a unique and comprehensive process which is not found at other digital marketing agencies. While other digital marketing agencies are handcuffed due to their expertise in digital marketing, Results Guaranteed goes well beyond the user click which occurs online. 3 Major Keys to Results Guaranteed’s Success:

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Holistic Tracking

The first step which Results Guaranteed undertakes is establishing holistic tracking to capture and record all valuable customer touchpoints.

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Honed Targeting

Discussions during onboarding center around the best customer for your business and marketing campaigns are constructed to target this particular customer profile.

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On-going Monitoring & Adjustments

After campaign launch all portions of the campaign are closely monitored from the user’s first click to the customer service received once on the phone.

We’ll Maximize Your Best Platforms

Many digital marketing agencies go through the process of asking questions about your ideal customers, but end up utilizing the same cookie cutter digital marketing strategies as their other clients. Results Guaranteed combs through your industry’s space online to find all possible placements which could generate potential customers for you. Whether these placements are search engines, social media platforms, or elsewhere online; Results Guaranteed provides a strategy for visibility on each of these platforms.

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We Consider & Optimize Every Marketing Channel

While platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing and LinkedIn are valuable placements for many businesses; why do digital marketing agencies seem to stop there when it comes to developing a strategy? The reason is that they are a business and want to monetize your ad spend to their benefit. If a business is moving their marketing spend from Google Ads to another source which generates greater revenue, a digital marketing agency will see this as a negative. However, at Results Guaranteed Marketing, this may be a recommendation which we make if we find that your marketing spend is better off in a different marketing channel. At the end of the day, your success is our success, no matter the medium which the success comes from.

A Refined 5-Step Process

Results Guaranteed divides our optimization into five specific stages. In between each of these five stages is where it is most likely to lose a customer. The goal of Results Guaranteed Marketing is to ensure that each step of the process is optimized to the best of its ability to move the potential customer further through the customer journey.


Optimizing First-Touch Engagement

The first step in the online sales process is optimizing for the user’s first engagement. We need to ensure our business appears, with enticing messaging, to capture the users’ attention and get them to engage with our business.


Optimizing On-Page Performance

The second step in the process is ensuring our website and business listings are optimized for conversion. We ensure the relevant information a customer is looking for appears in an easily identifiable and digestible way.


Sales-Marketing Alignment

Once a user has converted online and they contact your business, they move from the marketing funnel to the sales funnel. By tracking users after they have contacted the business we ensure a smooth transition so that potential customers get the experience they expected.


Sales Process Optimization

Once the potential customer has fully entered the sales funnel, we consult with clients to ensure the least amount of “leakage” from the funnel as possible. The further our sales process is optimized, the better our marketing campaigns perform.


Optimizing Post Sale Process

Once a potential customer has become a customer we want to ensure they are best primed to leave positive feedback and return as a customer for any additional services. Results Guaranteed consults business owners to ensure they are getting the full value out of each paying customer.

Custom Digital Marketing Strategy

Results Guaranteed Does Things Differently

The process for Results Guaranteed Marketing looks a little different for each one of our customers, because each customer is a little different! From the start we have meaningful conversations to understand your business, your best audiences and the best way for you to reach this particular audience. Once a marketing plan has been developed and put into place, Results Guaranteed continues to track and consult throughout the sales process to ensure your sales efforts offline are properly aligned with the marketing materials being provided online. If you have questions about how your business may benefit from our custom and comprehensive process give us a call today and we would be happy to discuss in detail.

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If you are interested in learning more about how a strategy from Results Guaranteed can benefit you, contact us today!

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