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No Conflict Clause

The No Conflict Clause is Results Guaranteed’s promise to never contract with a competitor within one of our client’s geographic area.

Results Guaranteed is Your Marketing PARTNER

Choose an agency invested in your success, not in bed with your competitors.

Results Guaranteed is truly a different type of digital marketing agency. We aim to partner with our clients in order to provide them with the best end results possible based on the parameters of success which they set forth. One of our client base’s favorite aspects of a partnership with Results Guaranteed is the Results Guaranteed No Conflict Clause. The Results Guaranteed No Conflict Clause is a clause included in each one of our digital marketing agreements which says we will NOT contract with any competitors in the geographic area which our clients service.

If this is your first time looking for an SEO or digital marketing company, this might sound like a redundant clause. If a marketing agency is working with you, why would they work with your competitors as well? Unfortunately, it is the main business model of many digital marketing agencies. Agencies unlike Results Guaranteed look for a formula which works in one industry and then sell that formula of success to other companies within that same exact industry. How do we know this? Because we worked in those agencies!

One Industry, One Area, One Client

Managing Partner of Results Guaranteed, Michael Burdsall, was the Director of PPC at a large Google Premier Partner Agency located outside of Philadelphia. One of the most stressful parts of the job for Michael was managing the fact that he was overseeing the Google Ads account for 5+ competitors targeting the same industry and in the same geographic area. The success of each individual company was much more dependent on the luck of the employees assigned to the account, or how much noise the business owners were willing to make to get the attention of agency staff. Michael saw this treatment of paying clients as totally unacceptable. Unfortunately for many of the clients of these types of agencies, they do not even know this is happening!

“It really made me sick. Being in those meetings with business owners, talking about their competitors; who we were doing the Google Ads for. You have to do your job as an employee, but at the end of the day it doesn’t feel good. It’s not a good product and not the right way to treat people.”

Michael Burdsall

Managing Partner, Results Guaranteed

Business owners know, having a differentiator is key. Especially in industries like HVAC, electrical, insurance, etc, where many consumers are not easily able to determine the difference in products, having a differentiator within your marketing is a key to success. If you are contracted with a marketing agency who also does the marketing for other companies in the same industry, you are likely to end up with very similar looking marketing campaigns and marketing creative.

Having a single partner like Results Guaranteed ensures your business stands out to customers. Results Guaranteed takes the time to collaborate with a business to understand their ideal target and how the business positions themselves to customers. By setting expectations for customers which align with their actual experience when they engage with the company, sales closing rates increase and customers become loyal to your brand.

At Results Guaranteed, we see our No Conflict Clause as simply as good marketing. However, it symbolizes a promise to our clients, that we are their marketing partner and invested in the success of their individual business. If you have been burned by multiple digital marketing or seo companies in the past, Results Guaranteed will be a breath of fresh air. Our No Conflict Clause and No-Nonsense Reporting give peace of mind to business owners that their marketing is working for them.

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