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Why Are Google Local Services Ads So important?

Published by Michael Burdsall on November 9, 2023

Google Local Services Ads are a pay per lead ad format offered by Google. This enables those in particular verticals the ability to serve an ad at the top of Google’s search results and only pay when that user contacts them rather than paying for a user to visit their website.

This distinct difference between Google Local Services Ads and Google text ads are what make Google Local Services Ads one of the most efficiently performing lead sources across the internet. Once you understand what Google Local Services Ads are, you can start to unlock this powerful ad format for your own business.

Which Verticals Are Eligible For Google Local Services?

There are a wide range of verticals in a number of areas which are eligible for the Google Local Services Ads. The best way to determine if your business and area are eligible for Google Local Services Ads is to fill out the eligibility form with Google. This will instantly either allow you to sign up for the Google Local Services Ads platform or inform you the ad platform is not available in your location or industry.

How Do I Get a Google Guaranteed Check Mark?

If your business is eligible to participate in Google Local Services Ads, you will then need to begin the business verification process. During the business verification process, a minimum of 5 reviews must be associated with your profile, both the business owner and business must undergo a background check and all necessary licensing and insurance information must be provided.

  • Business background check
  • Employee background check
  • Minimum 5 customer reviews
  • Licensing (depending on vertical)
  • Insurance verification (depending on vertical)

Why Are Google Local Services Ads So Efficient?

Google Local Services Ads are efficient for three main reasons; cost per lead bidding, high visibility and increased closed rate.

Google Local Services Ads are cost-per-lead bidding rather than cost-per-click which means your business only pays when a potential customer contacts them, not just when a potential customer visits your website. Bidding this way ensures the least amount of waste while bidding on the most valuable action to the business possible.

Typically, Google Local Services Ads appear at the very top of search results. This means that businesses who are consistently being placed within the top results in Google Local Services Ads will also be consistently placed with high visibility at the top of search results.

Lastly, Google Local Services Ads have an increased close rate when a user contacts the business than a typical new customer has. Due to the Google Guarantee, users feel that the company has already been thoroughly vetted and are much more primed to make a purchase than if they contacted through traditional Google text ads.

How Do I Get More Google Local Services Ad Leads?

The biggest question that we receive at Results Guaranteed is how do I get more leads from Google Local Services? Due to the low cost-per-lead and high conversion rate, typically businesses want to get as many leads as possible from this ad format. However, with only 2-3 businesses being shown without having to take further action; some businesses are finding themselves left in the dust by competitors who can consistently be placed in the top results.

Google Local Services Ad Ranking Factors

Google releases official communication documents regarding its ads and platforms, so we do hear directly from Google what affects our Google Local Services Ads’ visibility. There are three rankings factors outside of bid within Google Local Services responsiveness, reviews and proximity to the user.

  • Responsiveness – in this Google wants to know that your business is taking care of customers. Are you answering the phone? Are you quickly responding to message leads? Missed calls and critically hurt your ad’s visibility.
  • Reviews – Google weighs both the amount of reviews and quality of reviews which your profile has. Verified reviews carry additional weight compared with non-verified reviews.
  • Proximity to the User – Google looks to provide a local result to end users, so the distance of the profile’s location to the user searching is also factored in when determining which ad to show when.

If you are looking to increase the number of leads you are receiving from Google Local Services Ads, the key concept to adhere to is taking care of your customer. As the above ranking factors show, if you provide quality and quick customer service your ad will be returned higher in search results.

There are some tips and tricks which Results Guaranteed has uncovered while monitoring Google Local Services accounts amassing tens of thousands of leads over the years since the launch of Google Local Services Ads. If you are interested in learning more about how to grow your business using Google Local Services Ads, or are interested in launching a pay per lead program, contact Results Guaranteed to discuss how these sources can help to quickly grow your local business!

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